Fluix Deep Link Creator

Enable your mobile Fluix users to instantly open any PDF that is in their Fluix account, with one click on the link or a simple QR code scan.A powerful way to enable location-based forms or simplify access for teams with hundreds of documents.

step 1

Enter the name of your document and folders.

Provide the full name of the document, including spaces and the ".pdf" at the end. For example: Building Plans.pdf

step 2

Check your email to retrieve your custom deep link.

Your details are sent to an Airtable database which generates your custom deep link. Zapier then delivers the link via email.

step 3

Share the link (or QR code) with your team.

You can turn your link into a QR code so users can scan with their device's camera app to instantly open in the Fluix app.

Option 1

If the PDF is stored in the root of your Fluix account, use this form.

File name example: Building Plans.pdf

Option 2

If the PDF is stored in one subfolder of your Fluix account, use this form.

Option 3

If the PDF is two subfolders deep into your Fluix account, use this form.

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FAQ & Privacy

Why do you need my email address? This tool is powered by an Airtable database. We use it to deliver your custom deep link via email. However, we will not share or sell your email address at any point. In fact, see question number two.
What do you do with my data? All links created, folder names, and email addresses are automatically wiped from the database every night, so your data is never stored or used in any other way.
My link didn't work! 1. Did you misspell anything? 2. Double-check that you entered the file name and folder names with any spaces they included. 3. Did you get the number of folders right?
For any other questions, contact [email protected]